Former Graduate Students


Name Graduated Thesis Topic(s) Thesis Data
Steve Chemtob
amorphous silica coatings on Hawaiian basalts
Link to thesis
Laura Baker Hebert2008Part II: Development of color in greenish quartzLink to thesis
Julie O'Leary 2006 New method to measure H Link to thesis
Elizabeth Johnson 2003 Hydrogen in nominally anhydrous crustal minerals Link to thesis      Link to data     
Yulia Goreva 2001 Rose quartz and meteorites  
Albert Yen 1998 Mars surface chemistry  
David Bell 1992 OH in mantle minerals
Dimitrios Vlassopoulos 1992 Hydrogen in rutile  
Shenda Baker 1991 Diamond surfaces  
Oded Navon 1989 CO2 in diamonds  
Cleve Solomon 1988 Isotopes and hydrous feldspars  Link to thesis 
Andy Gaynor 1988 Synthetic hydrous feldspars  
Jim Conca 1985 Rock weathering  Link to thesis 
Stephanie Mattson 1985 Intervalence charge transfer  Link to thesis 
Roger Aines 1984 OH in minerals  
Anne Hofmeister 1984 Feldspars  
Russ Potter 1978 Desert varnish and Mn oxides  
Don Goldman 1977 Mineral spectroscopy of Fe