Infrared Studies in the Mineral Spectroscopy Lab. (Prof. G.R. Rossman)

Infrared Instrument

For collecting infrared spectra we use both a Nicolet 860 Magna series FTIR and a Thermo-Nicolet iS50 FTIR. We have a selection of beam splitters and detectors to optimally cover the range from 15,000 cm-1 to 50 cm-1.  The iS50 system connects to a Nicolet Continumm Infrared Microscope for microsamples.
The Nicolet iS50 Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometer that is connected to the infrared microscope.


The Nicolet Magna 860 FTIR with an ATR accessory in the sample compartment.
We can run samples under several conditions with accessories:

1) Specular Reflection:
This is good for samples that are flat and especially good if they are well polished on one surface.

  2) Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR).

A DuraScope ATR unit, from what formerally was SensIR corporation, is an excellent way to identify small amounts of powdered samples.

ATR - Durascope

  3) Diffuse Reflectance

Diffuse Reflectance

  4) Polarizers:

       Wire grid on CaF2
LiIO3 crystal polarizer - a very high-efficiency crystal polarizer from InRad that is no longer in their product line.
       Unsupported wire grid polarizer - broad wavelength coverage, but very delicate.

  5) Variable Temperature Stages:

        Linkham FT-600 Stage

  6) Detectors:

        DTGS-KBr window for near- and mid IR, DTGS-polyethylene window for Far-IR
        MCT-A, MCT-B

    7) Beam Splitters:

         SiO2, CaF2, KBr, KBr-extended, Solid substrate for Far-IR