Optical Spectroscopy in the Mineral Spectroscopy Lab. (Prof. G.R. Rossman)

Optical Spectroscopy.  We are now using diode array technology that allows rapid capture of spectra. It was built by visiting Research Associate, Michael Taran, around a Nicolet-SpectraTech NicPlan infrared microscope.

The diode-array microspectrometer.

 The spectographs.  One is for the Near-Infrared (900 -1650 nm) and the other is for the Visible-UV region (230 - 1050 nm).

The area to measure is defined by projecting the image of an apeture on the sample.  Typical sample areas are 100 x 100 micrometers or smaller.

Light sources for the spectrometer system:  Deuterium, Xeon Arc, and Tungsten lamps

Diode Array Dectectors.  512 channel InGaAs on top, 1025 element Si on the bottom (and at left).

We also have an ANDOR fiberoptic spectrometer system with a silicon CDD camera and an Ocean Optics minature spectrometer.