Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences

California Institute of Technology    


George R. Rossman

Professor of Mineralogy 


 Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
  California Institute of Technology
  MS 170-25
  Pasadena, CA 91125-2500
  (626) 395-6471;  fax (626) 568-0935

Research Interests: Mineralogy.

The relationship between the spectroscopic properties of minerals and their composition and structure. Topics include trace hydrous components in minerals, metal ion site occupancy, effects of natural ionizing radiation, and X-ray amorphous materials. 

B.S. Degree: Wisconsin State University, Eau Claire: Chemistry and Mathematics
Ph.D. Degree: California Institte of Technology: Inorganic Chemistry

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The Mineral Spectroscopy Server

Provides on-line information on the color of minerals; spectra of minerals (VIS, NIR, IR, Raman); Data files as ASCII (wavelength, absorbance) pairs; and an extensive reference list to optical spectra of minerals sorted by mineral and author and references to hydrous components in minerals..

Plus information on a variety of special topics including manganese oxides; desert varnish; and the ametrine variety of quartz.


Introductory Mineralogy      Analytical Methods in Geochemistry (co-taught)  
Spectroscopy of Minerals    Oral Presentation     Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (guest lecture)

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