Spectroscopic Standard for Tetrahedrally Coordinated Ferric Iron:
gamma LiAlO2:Fe3+ 

Glenn A. Waychunas
Center for Materials Reseaerch
Stanford University
Stanford, CA  94305, USA

George R. Rossman
Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA  91125, USA


γ LiAlO2 doped with Fe3+ in the tetrahedral site has been examined by extended X-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS) analysis, and Mössbauer and optical spectroscopy. The isomer shift (IS) is -0.026 mm/s (Fe-Pd); the quadrupole splitting (QS) is 0.62 mm/s. Anisotropic optical absorption is prominent at~.391, 452, and 463 nm. The K-edge absorption spectrum shows a prominent absorption near 7.113 ev typical of tetrahedrally coordinated Fe3+.

optical spectrum
Optical spectrum of lithium aluminate with tetrahedral ferric iron

last updated 3-Sep-2017