Johnkoivuilaite: A new gem mineral

Palke1 AC, Sun A1, Renfro N1,  Henling LM2, Ma C2, Rossman GR2,  
Thu K3, Myo N
4, Wongrawange P5, Weeramonkhonlert V5
  1Gemological Institute of America
Carlsbad, CA 92024 USA

2California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, CA  91125-2500, USA

3Macle Gem Trade Laboratory, Yangon, Myanmar

4GreatlandGemsandJewelry, Mogok

5Gemological Institute of America, Bangkok, Thailand


A new mineral of the beryl group was characterized. The formula is Cs(Be2B)Mg2Si6O18. It was obtained from the Pein Pit mining area of Mogok, Myanman. It currently exists as a single specimen.