Pink Amethyst Patagonia Geodes

Ana L. Rainoldi1 George R. Rossman2, Lucas Di Martino3AndrÉs Oteiza4

2Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91125-2500, U.S.A.
3Mining, Argentina
4Gruta Minerales, Buenos Aires, Argentina


Specimens of Patagonian geodes debuted in the international market of gems in the FIPP 2017 of Teofilo Otoni (Minas Gerais, Brasil) and since then their popularity in the mineralogist community hasnīt stopped growing. Patagonian geodes are lined with translucent and brilliant mineral species but are unique because of the presence of pink amethyst. The El Choique mine has yielded the first pink amethyst geodes, which now form part of several mineralogist collections all over the word. The important reserves of the deposit, the discovery of new exotic specimens and colorful mineral associations seem to hold a great future for the marvelous pink amethyst.