Thermochromic Cr-rich Pyrope Garnet Animations

These animated gifs were taken with a Nikon E995 digital camera and made using Gaimani GIF Movie Gear 3.0 software. The thin sections were backlit and pictures were taken from 25C to 600C at 25 degree increments. As these pictures were taken under artificial light, some of the colors are slightly false. Here are some examples of lighting variations internal to the camera. Please be patient as the gifs may take a while to load.

Garnet Ridge, AZ 1134, 647 microns thick, 02     larger version
This is the best animation. The red is slightly more intense in the animation than in the actual sample.

Garnet Ridge, AZ 1134, 647 micons thick, 01
The viewing area is approxomately 600 by 400 microns. The red is slightly brighter in the animation that is the actual sample.

Koherab, Namibia KOH-7, 265 micons thick, 02
Since this sample is thinner, the colors appear more washed out and grey. This entire sample is about 3 mm by 4 mm.

Koherab, Namibia KOH-7, 265 microns thick, 03
This animation only has 6 frames, at room temperature 25 degrees C and then on every hundred until 600 degrees Celcius. The colors are very accurate.