Czech Republic
Laštovicky Pegmatite

Rossmanite was found in a lepidolite subtype pegmatite dike at Laštovicky. It occurs as pale-pink, 1.0 cm crystals in lepidolite with other members of the tourmaline group (schorl and elbaite). Based on paragenesis and textural relations, elbaite-rossmanite is the last tourmaline to crystallize at Laštovicky.


([]0.59Na0.41) (Li1.15Al1.85) Al6 (Si5.89Al0.11O18) (BO3)3 [(OH)3.89F0.11]


Selway JB, Novák M, Cerný P, Hawthorne FC (1999) Compositional evolution of tourmaline in lepidolite-subtype pegmatites. European Journal of Mineralogy, 11:569-584.