St. Austell
Dorothy china clay pit
Li-mica granite

Rossmanite plus elbaite from Cornwall, England.
The darker shades of green are not rossmanite - the specimen 
exhibits considerable zonation into other compositions. Field of view: 4 cm.

Rossmanite occurs in an unusual sample of tourmaline-quartz veinstone that proved to contain a number of different tourmaline species. The tourmalines represent the final crystallization products of a complex magmatic-hydrothermal crystallization-recrystallization sequence that saw foitite form early, followed by schorl, "fluor-schorl", elbaite and rossmanite (Tindle, 2007).


X-site compositions of elbaite and rossmanite tourmalines 
from the St. Austell locality span a considerable range 
and grade far into the rossmanite compositional field
(AG Tindle, unpublished analyses, 2007b).


Tindle, A.G. (2008) Minerals of Britain and Ireland. Published by Terra Publishing, Harpenden, Herts AL5 2ZD, England. ISBN-13: 9781903544228

Tindle, A.G. (2007) Personal communication. [a.g.tindle @ open.ac.uk]

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