Shirkuh, Yazd
Granitoid Batholith


Rossmanite is reported to occur in a granitoid batholith  located in Yazd Province, Iran, where the tourmalines are in the rossmanite and foitite composition fields.

tourmaline from Shirkuh

Tourmalines from Shirkuh
Figure 11 in Az-Mikaelians et al. (2020)


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Az-Mikaelians H, Ashja-Ardalan A, Sheikhzakariayi SJ, Ansri S (2020) Introducing the main and accessory minerals in the grantoid batholith of Shirkuh, Yazd (central Iran) and its tourmaline and garnet phases. Geosaberes, Fortaleza, v. 11, p. 76 - 99. DOI:

last updated: 15-Jul-2021