Trentino Province
Adamello National Park

Forcel Rosso pass
pegmatite dikes

From Figure 9 of  Diella et al, 2018
Rossmanite occurs in the central pink area.

In the Adamé valley, gem-quality tourmaline occurs in multi-coloured elongated crystals up to 7 cm in length in the miarolitic pegmatite cavities hosted in contact with metamorphic sandstones that belonging to a Permian-Mesozoic sedimentary sequence.  The tourmalines in the study were principally fluor-elbaite, along with minor amounts of fluor-liddicoatite, foitite and rossmanite that likely represented the final stages of the evolution of tourmaline compositions in the pegmatites. 



Tourmaline compositions frm the Adamello Massif: from Diella et al, 2018


Diella V, Pezzotta F, Bocchio R, Marinoni N, Cámara F, Langone A, Adamo I, Lanzafame G (2018) Gem-Quality Tourmaline from LCT Pegmatite in Adamello Massif, Central Southern Alps, Italy: An Investigation of Its Mineralogy, Crystallography and 3D Inclusions. Minerals 8, 593; doi:10.3390/min8120593.

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