70 km NW of Fort Dauphin
Anjahamiary Pegmatite



Tourmalines from the Anhjahamiary Pegmatite.
Photo 3 from Pezzotta and Jobin (2003)


Tourmaline occurs in decimeter sized miarolitic cavities as small, gemmy multicolored crystals in the Anjahamiary pegmatite in southern Madagascar. The bluish portion of the crystals is liddicoatite and the pinkish portion of the crystals is rossmanite. The aluminum content of the rossmanite is higher than in the liddicoatite, but low compared to the ideal rossmanite stoichiometry.

The tourmalines occur with the green-blue amazonite variety of feldspar, smoky quartz, pinkish lepidolite(?) mica, and white albite.





Pezzotta F, Jobin M (2003) The Anjahamiary pegmatite, Fort Dauphin area, Madagascar.