Shan State
Momeik Township


Most of the analyzed tourmalines from the Momeik district, north of Mogok, are elbaite, but some of the pink ones have been identified as rossmanite (Falster et al 2010,
Falster and Simmons, 2019). Some of these are so-called mushroom tourmalines

mushroom tourmailne
Mushroom tourmaline: photo credit: Rob Lavisnky -


Falster AU, Simmons WB (2019) Rubellite Chemistry. Mineral Monograph 20, 24-27.

Falster AU, Peretti a, Simmons WB (2010) Mushroom tourmaline and associatd minerals from pegmatites near Momeik, Mogok Stone Tract, Myanmar (Burma) - Abstract from the 34th Rochester Mineralogical Symposium, in Rocks and Minerals p 342.

last updated 12-Mar-2024