Middle Urals
Rezh District
Lipovka village


Locality: Pegmatites near Lipovka Village, Rezh District, Middle Urals, Russia

Rossmanite was found by post-graduate student Ludmila Memetova and Igor Pekov in the core of a pink elbaite crystal collected during 1900-1915 and now deposited in the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow (Collection of Mineral Deposits, No. 9674).

Its composition is:

([]0.54Na0.45Ca0.01) (Al2.17Li0.82Mn0.01) Al6 (Si5.88Al0.12)O18 [BO3]3 (OH3.26O0.70F0.04)

The composition of the individual analysis in the rossmanite field is indicated by the following diagram:

composition diagram

Reference: Memetova L.R., Pekov I.V., Bryzgalov I.A., Kononkova N.N. (2005): Chemistry and zoning of tourmaline from the granitic pegmatites of the Lipovka, Middle Urals, Russia. (Abstract) Materials of 5th International Symposium “Mineralogical Museums”. Saint-Petersburg, Russia, pp. 151-153.