Eastern Siberia
Central Transbaikal
Malkhan Pegmatite Field 

Locality: A major series of pegmatites near the village Krasny Chikoy, Chitinskaya Oblast, Eastern Siberia, Russia.

Rossmanite was listed in a table in the Mineralogical Record article without further elaboration. Analyses of Malkhan tourmalines were presented by Falster and Simmons (2019) and Kasatkin et al (2024).

Fluor-rossmanite was officially described by Kasatkin et al (2024)



Falster AU, Simmons WB (2019) Rubellite Chemistry. Mineral Monograph 20, 24-27.

Kasatkin AV, Nestola F, Day MC, Gorelova LA, Škoda R, Vereshchagin OS, Agakhanov AA, Belakovskiy DI, Pamato MG, Cempírek J, Anosov MY (2024)  Fluor-rossmanite, □(Al2Li)Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)3F, a new tourmalinesupergroup mineral from Malkhan pegmatite field, Western Siberia, Russia.  Mineralogical Magazine. DOI: 10.1180/mgm.2024.34

 Kynicky J, Kynicky J, Lees B, Song W, Kotlanova M, Wagner G Person P (2019) The Malkhan Pegmatite District, Krasny Chikoy, Transbaikalia, Eastern SIberian Region , Russia. The Mineralogical Record 50(2), 245-324.

Revised 9-May-2024