Russian Far East
  Primorskiy Kray
  Turgenevskoye Pegmatite Field


A find of rossmanite in Russia was made in the granitic pegmatites of the Turgenevskoye pegmatite field in Primorskiy Kray, Russian Far East. The exact locality is a very small deposit prospected many years ago. It consists of pink, coarse crystals. Electron probe data obtained by N.V. Chukanov give the following empirical formula (Li is calculated formally, F was not detected):

([]0.54Na0.46) (Al1.97Li1.00Mn0.02Mg0.01) Al6 Si6O18 [BO3]3 (OH2.57O0.43)(OH)

The composition of the individual analysis in the rossmanite field is indicated by the following diagram:

Composition diagram

Reference: Personal communication from Dr. Igor V. Pekov, Moscow State University (2006).