New York
Essex County
Grenville-age marble

Newcomb New York
Rossmanite from Newcomb, New York
Scalebar is 1.0 mm

Rossmanite occurs as a rim on uvite. The tourmalines occur in marbles with albite, quartz graphite, tremolite and olenite. (Lupulescu and Rakovan, 2008).

A typical X-site composition of rossmanite tourmaline 
from the Newcomb locality contains 1.23 wt% Na2O and 0.06 wt% CaO.
(Lupulescu and Rakovan, 2008).


Lupulescu M, Rakovan J (2008) A new occurrence of tourmaline with  tetrahedrally coordinated boron:  rossmanite and associated minerals from Newcomb, Essex County, NY.
Lupulescu M (2008) Tourmaline group minerals from New York State. Rocks & Minerals 83, p202-208.

last updated 13-Jun-2009