Oxford County
near Rumford
Black Mountain Pegmatite


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Elbaite and rossmanite occur in the outermost zones of the Black Mountain pegmatite, Maine. The identification has been determined through electron microprobe analysis. The rossmanite occurs as pink crystals in a lepidolite pod in the 2nd intermediate zone of the pegmatite.


([]0.55Na0.45) (Li0.96Al1.94 Mn0.06Zn0.03Fe0.01) Al6 (Si5.84B0.08Al0.06O18) (BO3)3.00 [(OH)3.52F0.28]

Cell parameters (Ertl & Hughes, pers. com.)

a  = 15.803
c =   7.092


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Main Department of Conservation. Tourmaline: Maine's State Mineral.