Publications by year

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In Preparation

Bell DR, Mattioli GS, Rossman GR (200x) H, Na and Ti substitution in pyrope from the Earth's Mantle. A 2d draft exists

Goreva JS, Rossman GR (200x) 'Blue' rose-quartz, in preparation. 

Ma C, Rossman GR (200x) Coexisting dumortierite and a related superstructure. A first draft exists; still in preparation.

Ma C, Rossman GR,  (200x) Hafnon and hafnian zircon from the Stewart Mine, Pala, California. A first draft exists.

Ma C, Rossman GR,  (200x) Rainbow and other iridenscent hematites. A first draft exists.

O'Leary JA, Rossman GR, Eiler J (200x) Hydrogen analysis in minerals by continuous-flow mass spectrometry. A second draft exists. For American Mineralogist.

O'Leary JA, Eiler JM, Rossman GR (200x) Hydrogen isotopic evidence for water-loss from mantle pyroxenes For xxx journal. A first draft exists.

Platonov AN, Rossman GR (200x) The origin of green color in pyromorphite, Pb5(PO4)3Cl. Ready to submit to American Mineralogist.

Verdel CS, Johnson EA, Rossman GR (200x) Nanopores: an important reservoir of water in some nominally anhydrous minerals. A draft exists.

Submitted for Publication

Baker L, Rossman GR (2006) An Investigation of Greenish Quartz found at the Thunder Bay Amethyst Mine Panorama, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, and Similar Localities. Canadian Mineralogist.

Burt JB, Ross NL, Gibbs GV, Rossman GR, Rosso KM (2006) Potential protonation sites in the Al2SiO5 polymorphs based on polarized FTIR spectroscopy and bond critical point properties. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals.

Cooper MA, Hawthorne FC, Grew ES, Kyser TK, Rossman GR (2006) The crystal chemistry of the kornerupine-prismatine series. II. The role of hydrogen. Canadian Mineralogist. Back from Referees.

Accepted for Publication

Hughes JM, Ertl A, Bernhardt HJ, Rakovan R, Rossman GR (2006) Vanadium-rich muscovite from Austria: Crystal structure, chemical analysis, and spectroscopic investigations. Canadian Mineralogist.

Ma C, Rossman GR, Miller JA (2007) The Origin of Color in "Fire" Obsidian. Canadian Mineralogist.

Mosenfelder JL, Sharp TG, Asimow PD, Rossman GR (2006) Hydrogen incorporation in natural mantle olivines. Earth's Deep Water Cycle, AGU Geophysical Monograph. Jacobsen S, Lee Svd, Editors.

Rossman GR (2006) Analytical methods for measuring water in nominally anhydrous minerals. Reviews in Mineralogy and Geochemistry.



Asimow PD, Stein LC, Mosenfelder JL, Rossman GR (2006) Quantitative polarized FTIR analysis of trace OH in populations of randomly oriented mineral grains. American Mineralogist 91:278-284.

Beran A, Rossman GR (2006) OH in naturally occurring corundum. European Journal of Mineralogy, 18:441-447.  

Cempírek J, Novák M, Ertl A, Hughes JM, Rossman GR, Dyar MD (2006) Fe-bearing olenite with tetrahedrally coordinated Al from an abyssal pegmatite at Kutná Hora, Czech Republic: structure, crystal chemistry, optical and XANES spectra. Canadian Mineralogist 44:23-30.

Ma C, Rossman GR (2006) Low voltage FESEM of geological materials. Microscopy Today 14:

Ma C, Rossman GR (2006) Ganterite, the barium mica Ba0.5K0.5Al2(Al1.5Si2.5)O10(OH)2, from Oreana, Nevada. American Mineralogist 91:702-705.

Mosenfelder JL, Deligne NI, Asimow PD, Rossman GR (2006) Hydrogen incorporation in olivine from 2-12 GPa. American Mineralogist


Ertl A, Rossman GR, Hughes JM, Rossman GR, Prowatke S, Ludwig T (2005) Mn-bearing "oxy-rossmanite" with tetrahedrally-coordinated Al and B from Austria: structure, chemistry, and infrared and optical spectroscopic study. American Mineralogist 90, 481-487.

Rossman GR (2006) New discoveries of painite in Myanmar (Burma). Gems & Gemology 41:356.

Rossman GR, Shigley JE (2005) Green orthoclase feldspar from Vietnam. Gems & Gemology 41:354-355.

Smyth JR, Holl CM, Langenhorst F, Laustsen HM, Rossman GR, Kleppe A, McCammon CA, Kawamoto T, Van Aken PA (2005) Crystal chemistry of wadsleyite II and water in the Earth's interior. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 31, 691-705.


Bell DR, Rossman GR, Maldener J, Endisch D, Rauch F (2004) Hydroxide in kyanite: A quantitative determination of the absolute amount and calibration of the IR spectrum. American Mineralogist 89, 998-1003.

Bell DR, Rossman GR, Moore RO (2004) Abundance and partitioning of OH in a high-pressure magmatic system: megacrysts from the Monastery kimberlite, South Africa. Journal of Petrology, 45, 1539-1564.

Hawthorne FC, Cooper MA, Simmons WB, Falster AU, Laurs BM, Armbruster T, Rossman GR, Peretti A, Gunter D, Grobety B (2004) Pezzottaite, Ca(Be2 Li)Al2Si6O18, a spectacular new mineral related to the beryl group, from Madagascar. Mineralogical Record, 35, 369-382.

Harlow GE, Quinn EP, Rossman GR, Rohtert WR (2004) Blue omphacite from Guatemala. Gems & Gemology, 40, 68-70.

Hughes JM, Ertl A, Bernhardt H-Z, Rossman GR, Rakovan J (2004) Mn-rich fluorapatite from Austria: Crystal structure, chemical analysis, and spectroscopic investigations. American Mineralogist, 89, 629-632.

Johnson EA, Rossman GR (2004) A survey of hydrous species and concentrations in igneous feldspars. American Mineralogist, 89, 586-599.

Johnson EA, Rossman GR (2004) An infrared and 1H MAS NMR investigation of strong hydrogen bonding in ussingite, Na2AlSi3O8(OH). Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 31, 115-121.

Peretti A, Armbruster T, Günther D, Grobéty B, Hawthorne FC, Cooper MA, Simmons WB, Falster AU, Rossman GR, Laurs BM (2004) The challenge of the identification of a new mineral species: example "Pezzottaite". Contributions to Gemology 3, 1-12.

Schauble EA, Rossman GR, Taylor HP (2004) Theoretical estimates of equilibrium chromium-isotope fractionations. Chemical Geology 205, 99-114.


Bell DR, Rossman GR, Maldener J, Endisch D, Rauch F (2003) Hydroxide in olivine: A quantitative determination of the absolute amount and calibration of the IR spectrum. Journal of Geochemical Research, 108(B2), 2105, doi:10.1029/2001JB000679, 2003.

Ertl A, Hughes JM, Protwatke S, Rossman GR, London D, Fritz EA (2003) Mn-rich tourmaline from Austria: structure, chemistry, optical spectra, and relations to synthetic solid solutions. American Mineralogist 88, 1369-1376.

Johnson EA, Rossman GR (2003) The concentration and speciation of hydrogen in feldspars using FTIR and 1H MAS NMR spectroscopy. American Mineralogist 88, 901-911.

Laurs BM, Simmons WB, Rossman GR, Quinn EP, McClure SF, Peretti A, Armbruster T, Hawthorne FC, Falster AU, Günther D, Cooper MA, Grobéty B (2003) Pezzottaite from Ambatovita, Madagascar: A New Gem Mineral. Gems and Gemology 39, 284-301.

Rohtert WR, Quinn EP, Groat LA, Rossman GR (2003) Blue beryl discovery in Canada. Gems and Gemology 39, 327-329.

Schauble EA, Rossman GR, Taylor HP (2003) Theoretical estimates of equilibrium chlorine-isotope fractionations. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, in Press.

Simmons WB, Falster AU, McClure SF, Quinn EP, Rossman GR, Hawthorne FC (2003) A new saturated purplish pink Cs-"beryl" from Madagascar Gems & Gemology 39, 50-54.


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Kent AJR and Rossman GR (2002) Effect of hydroxyl content on lithium and boron in olivine. American Mineralogist, 87, 1432-1436.

Rossman GR (2002) Acceptance of the Dana Medal of Mineralogical Society of America for 2001. American Mineralogist, 87, 801-802.

Taran MN and Rossman GR (2002) High-temperature, high-pressure optical spectroscopic study of ferric iron-bearing tourmaline. American Mineralogist, 87, 1148-1153.


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